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Gallery: Selected Work

About Thomas's Art

Thomas is a European trained marble sculptor and abstract painter. Through his training, Tom acquired skills in drawing, gained a profound insight of color, and sharpened his sense of composition. In his work, there is not only line, color, texture, and shape, but also value, space, and design, revealing hidden meanings in his work. This appeals to both the eyes, as well as, the mind's eye intuitively. Tom works in an additive layering process of pouring and scrapping off, leaving movement, pure energy, balance, and harmony onto the canvas. In his pieces, many emotions can be discovered. Tom pours all of his type A, hectic, aggressive energy into his work. Through this creative and spiritual process, this heavy energy is transformed into light, freshness, positivity, and an overall sense of calm.
Tom has plans to open an art gallery to help and support other artists, to make this world a happier, more colorful, positive world. He wants to share this visual, cerebral, and emotional experience with the public. He hopes viewing his artwork in person will take you somewhere where you can relax to feel all of the sensations, emotions, and memories that surface.

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